(On A) Roll VT!

July 3, 2009

So between myself and a few other guys (yo Famicoman, Shinmaryuu), the idea of an IPTV station has been batted around. This would be a sort of online TV station consisting of old IPTV shows. Before I attempted to make something akin to a set top box type app (think cable/satellite box software) and that didn’t really get any further than testing menus. This time around I’m reformatting it a bit, and I’m messing with the idea of an app which could run a TV station from a collection of video files (idents, shows, whatever) and overlay simple graphics (lower thirds and such). Now, I’m not sure if this’ll ever get anywhere and I don’t know if it’ll ever be useful to the point of release so I won’t promise anything, but I just thought I’d mention I’m doing it. Maybe someone could do it better than me and this post will be inspiration, I dunno, but here’s a couple of pics anyway:

The purpose of the app would be to take a playlist of videos, a playlist of idents (or ads, if required – I know, I know, I don’t like them either…) and lower thirds (with the ability to time them according to a video, perhaps?) and basically assemble a TV station out of them. My original thought was to have it pump that all out into a virtual capture device for easy piping out to Stickam, Ustream, Justin.tv or just about any other webcam streaming site but it turns out that’s quite difficult. You could use a 3rd party app to do that bit for you, but it’s kludgey and really not particularly professional. Still, we shall see what happens, I think it’s a good idea, maybe it could go somewhere.

As you can see, it’s not very advanced and still very very buggy (see the extra crap above/below the widescreen Diggnation video?) but I’ll probably just tweak it until it either does something useful or I get bored and give up.


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